My Permenant Address!

A completely selfish post today. I opened a post office box while I was at site and I love mail!!!! If you write to me I’ll write back and if you send me packages then I will be the happiest person ever. Letters with pictures in them are also much appreciated!

Aimee Desrochers

B.P. 31

Adeta, Togo, West Africa

Tips for Packages:

– they take about 3-6 weeks so don’t send perishables or valuables.

– There are flat rate packages that are much more affordable, but the best deal and the fastest to be delivered is padded envelopes.

-Please write “Dieu te voit” on the package to deter thieves!!

– You MUST put West Africa after Togo or the package may end up in Tonga. I don’t live there, it’s in the South Pacific.

My favorite things to get in packages:

– Chocolate!! Please! Dark chocolate is less likely to melt.

– Spices! It’s difficult to find cumin, coriander, nutmeg, cardamon, garam masala.

– Tea, chai tea and green tea. there’s plenty of coffee here though.

– Beef or Turkey jerky, there’s no protein in my village so it is immensely appreciated.

-delicious snacks, pretty much anything from Trader Joes. Trail mix, cookies, all of the wonderful things.

Any other delicious things you can think of and things that remind me of home are amazing! Thank you all!


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