Some Picture Updates

It’s really difficult to get pictures to load most of the time, but I have decent internet right now so I thought I’d take advantage of it. 

My host Mom at training made us matching outfits for a celebration. Yeah, that’s pagne with trophy cups on it. My Host Mom is so wonderful, she showed me citronella plants this morning and I told her that if she plants them around the compound they deter Mosquitos. She jumped up and down in excitement, gave me a hug, and started dancing around the kitchen.

My Village, Goudeve:

Funeral celebrations:

Goudeve and my dog Whit that I inherited from the previous Volunteer: 

The CMS, medical center, that I will be working at: 
The market in Adeta: 

Downtown Goudeve, it’s a happening place. It’s really beautiful and the people are wonderful. I’m so excited to get to work in a few weeks!



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