A day in Goudévé

5:30 am- I usually get up around 5-5:30 when the roosters demand it’s time to start the day. It’s also when everyone else gets up to start cooking bouille to sell or head out the the fields before it gets too hot. On weekends I splurge and sleep til 7, but any later than that someone tries to break down my door convinced that I’m dead in my bed. 

The town crier usually starts around 5:30, yup that’s a thing. In a community that doesn’t have newspapers or electronics to distribute news there is instead a person that walks around first thing in the morning shouting in Ewe news for the community while banging a spoon on a pot.

5:45 am- get water from faucet outside my compound to boil for drinking and water to take my bucket bath.

6 am- take a cold bucket bath 

6:15- boil water to filter and make breakfast usually oatmeal with bananas and coffee then I usually sit outside and read while I eat.

7 am- go to the corner to buy Whit his rice and beans for the day and greet all my neighbors.

7:30- come home, read over the presentations or health talks I’m giving that day.

8 am- noon- walk to the clinic to work and say hello to everyone on the way. What I do at the clinic varies depending on the day. Wednesday is the vaccination and baby weighing day where I help out with paperwork and weighing babies and then give a health talk to the women. This week was exclusive breastfeeding and last week was malaria prevention. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings are prenatal consultations where I help out with paperwork and work with the Mothers to write out birth plans on how to afford and plan for giving birth. There aren’t many Women coming to these right now, but it gives me more time with each woman while they wait for lab results to talk about the importance of sleeping under a mosquito net, eating a balanced diet and listening to their concerns.

12:30-2:30- this is the time of repose in village because it is so unbelievably hot. I usually walk home, do laundry, eat lunch, I can’t nap like everyone else does because it’s so hot in my house, but I like to work out in my little yard and then take a cold bucket bath.

2:30- I go back to the CMS, but there is rarely anything for me to do in the afternoon. On Wednesday’s I go with the Hygiene assistant to give vaccines in neighboring villages, but most days I go to the Bibliobrousse and work with Eli or tutor kids.

5pm- I walk home and buy stuff for dinner from the market ladies. 

5:30- make dinner and boil more water for my filter.

6- wash dishes in a bucket so they don’t attract bugs over night.

6:30- sit with my host family and talk about the day or ask questions about the community.

7- take my last bucket bath to get all the dust and sweat off before I go to bed.

7:30- get into bed and read 

9pm- go to sleep
Market day selection 



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