A Halloween Adventure

For Halloween Marissa and I went on an adventure to a waterfall near Kpalimé about an hour and a half from village. We left around mid day from the hotel in Kpalimé where we were planning to spend the night after. We took motos up a narrow, rocky, and steep mountainside road up to the waterfall with beautiful views of the mountains all around us. We got to the trailhead and hiked down really steep steps to the falls. The falls was incredible! We were there with our moto drivers so we jumped in the water with all our clothes on, which was so refreshing. A little schistosomiasis never hurt anyone…. I figure that my main water source is river water that I bathe in every day so swimming in the falls is probably no different…right?
Beautiful Womé falls! Don’t you want to come visit me? 

After an amazing swim, we began the hike back up the steep stairs to the motorcycles, where one of the drivers realized he lost his key on the trail. He pulled out some wires to jump start his moto and we began to head down the mountain.On the way down we saw big storm clouds coming over the mountain and we were still about an hour from the hotel. It of course begins to pour like never before. The road instantly turned into a river the water was up to my feet on the moto in some areas, but my moto driver was determined to get home. The other moto driver pulled off the road at a school, but my driver kept going. We eventually got to a bridge where the water from the river was flowing up over the bridge, I walked over the bridge and the driver pushed his bike. We then went to get back on and the moto wouldn’t start. We were still very far away so we parked the bike and went into someone’s house to wait out the storm. I love the Togolese custom that during a heavy rain storm it is completely normal to go sit in a strangers home until the rain slows down. We waited about an hour and the rain lightened up. I told the driver I didn’t want to go down in the dark and off we went down the mountain and back to Kpalimé.
The road coming down.   


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