Rudolph the Rooster

This was my first Christmas away from my family so some close friends and I decided we would keep it small. We went to Marissa’s village, Agavé for Christmas Eve where we watched Christmas movies and made breakfast Christmas morning of mimosas, pancakes, and bacon courtesy of Marissa’s wonderful family. Then we returned to my village to get things organized for dinner, which included the killing and preparation of Rudolph the Rooster. We thought if we were going to have a Christmas in Togo we should do it right and kill a chicken and it sure was an experience. 

Plucking the feathers after we killed him. We ended up with an audience. 
I can’t say killing chickens is my favorite, but Paige sure was excited.

Overall, it was a fantastic Christmas and it felt like a holiday with family. At home we always cook all day, drink wine, and listen to great music and this year was no different.

My Peace Corps family and my Host family!  
Christmas isn’t very big in my community, but New Years is so I am saving gifts for the kids until then, but I gave them the bottles and cans from making Christmas dinner and they couldn’t be happier.



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