New Years

Last Tuesday I went to Marissa’s village for her birthday celebration, complete with drumming and dancing. Followed by us showing our Togolese friends how to make s’mores!  
Then the next day we took the 4am car to Lomé. We went to the office to get work done for the day and I met with my supervisor to talk about projects. On New Years Eve, also Marissa’s birthday, we spent the day relaxing on the beach at a resort to avoid the poop that is usually found all over the public beaches. It was glorious. We swam in the ocean and lounged around reading books. I almost forgot where I was, but there was the subtle reminder I’m still in Togo when a chicken foot floats past while swimming in the ocean.

 That night we went out dancing in Lomé and watched the fireworks. One of the clubs we tried to go to almost didn’t let us in for ‘inappropriate shoes’, which I find hilarious since most people in my village don’t even have shoes. 

It was in all a fantastic and expensive trip to Lomé and I am happy to be back in village where I can buy dinner for $0.17 instead of $4. I’m going to be blown away by the prices when I go to the U.S. In a few weeks! While in Lome I stayed with a PCV living down there and we managed to break off his toilet seat and I accidentally broke the faucet off the wall in the kitchen causing water to spray everywhere. Better watch out when I come visit, I don’t seem to know how to use modern amenities anymore.


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