Homologue training

At 9 months in Togo/6 months in village there is a conference with our work partners in Pagala. We bring 2 people from our village that we will be working with, the first one comes for the first three days for technical training. We worked on how to do birth plans and home visits to pregnant women as well how to start a women’s group. I brought the midwife at my clinic and we are starting birth plans at the clinic, but with so few women coming to the clinic we will be starting a women’s group to train women in each village the importance of antenatal care.
The second half of the week was with Eli where we worked on ways to Mobthe community, how to do follow up, and track data. This was all repetitive to the volunteers, but it was so great for everything I have been saying about the importance of follow ups to finally click. He had such a great time and even came out dancing with the volunteers on our last night there. 

Now that I am back in village the next month is going to be spent putting these into action and keeping people motivated. We did elections while in Pagala with our region for volunteer advisory committee and I won for the Plateau region, so I will be the Liason between PCVS and administration, which I think will be a good opportunity.


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