International Women’s Day 

Some updates on ATPC-community led sanitation ❤️🇹🇬


Working through each neighborhood in my village, slowly, but surely! Hoping to finish before rainy season is in full swing. There have been consistently higher rates of children losing weight that come in for baby weighing due to diarrhea and I am hopeful we will see some results of ATPC during rainy season.

 Hot season has been pretty unbelievable. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have the electricity run off hydro energy in a country where it is sunny every day of the year so we get to suffer in the heat without our fans because of water shortages.

Digging the hole  

Cover the hole with branches and fill them in with mud 

Creating the consistency of mud needed to pack in between the logs.  

You wouldn’t believe the faces of everyone when I helped dig and prepare the mud. I tried to explain that I used to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. I don’t think they believed me.  

I love how creative each household is!  

International Women’s Day was last week and we did a training at the school to demonstrate gender inequalities in Togo and talked about the importance of girls education. #letgirlslearn




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