Go ask a second year volunteer

It has been a while since I have posted a blog, but so much has happened that I didn’t know where to start which perpetuated the cycle of not wanting to write a blog post.

So these are the highlights, my best friend, Paige was visited by her boyfriend for a month in Togo. Her village held a ceremony to welcome him and I got to go up to celebrate. It was an all day fête with dancing, going to prayer at the mosque, and having a big feast complete with the killing of a sheep, named mange tous (eat it all).

walking home from the mosque with the best.


I then went down to Cori’s village to help her set up community led sanitation since it has gone so well in my village. Update: ATPC has come to a bit of a stand still in my village due to rainy season and most people spend all their time at work in the fields or if they dig holes they fill up with water.

Rainy season is a hard time to get work done. Now that most families are done planting they spend the afternoon at home during the rain. Everything comes to a stand still during the rain and I am loving the cooler weather. It has been a particularly difficult season because we got so much rain that the only road in village actually washed away at one point.


I went on vacation in August to England and Scotland with my family. We had a big family reunion with all my extended family I hadn’t seen in years and it was awesome.

Now, I am back at site and the new volunteers just swore in, which makes us second year volunteers! It also starts the application process for grad school. I just cannot explain how much fun that has been. I took a motorcycle for an hour the other day to go use a scanner, which turned out to be broken when I got there. I was also told to fax a form to get my official transcripts mailed, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry because there isn’t even a fax machine at the PC office. I am however really excited to planning the next phase after PC where I can use all the skills I’ve learned in the field.

The next few weeks will be getting things rolling for the end of rainy season. I have learned about a mapping project that I am starting in my district to better understand who is seeking treatment for malaria and to real bed net distribution. The map is created by volunteers with better internet connection than I and from there I can get started.




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