October is pumpkin spice season

Sorry uploading pictures was difficult today so there’s no real order to them.


I have been pretty bad about updating lately. Partly because I’ve been so busy with national projects and grad school apps, but also because I feel like I’ve been here so long that it’s harder to see Togo with fresh eyes. Things that once surprised me are now the norm.

I have been doing most of my work in malaria and maternal and child health lately. The women’s group I am training to be health educators, the “mama lumiers” met this month where we discussed family planning. I had the midwife come with all the different types of contraceptives and discussed each and the myths associated with them. For example, it is common for families to believe using birth control methods cause infertility or will lead to a woman becoming promiscuous. So we had an open forum where women could ask questions. It went incredibly well and I am really excited to hear feedback next month. Another volunteer and I are working with the ministry of health to train our women’s groups to get women to come to the clinic at their first signs of pregnancy to immediately start TPU, a malaria preventative used during pregnancy. We are hoping the MOH will provide pregnancy tests to make this a little easier, but we will see.


I can’t believe it is already October, this year has flown by. I have been chosen to go to Senegal in August for a malaria conference and I’m super excited!

I am continuing to work with community health workers to do house visits to pregnant women to do birth plans and educate on early treatment and signs of malaria.


The waterfall, Kpime is the biggest tourist attraction in Togo, but it is often closed to run as a hydro plant, not the best laid plan. However, I finally went last week for the first time and it’s pretty spectacular.



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